Sunday, May 19, 2019

Business Analysis

Under our business analysis services we offer you the following through our pro-active experts and consultants for your IT undertaking:

  • Business Plan structure- We help your stakeholders address your business objectives, processes and stakeholder roles etc and also define your business plan.
  • 360° diagnostic- We provide a thorough, business-oriented analysis of your current situation, identify your business objectives and investigate how your organization aligns to these requirements in terms of people, process and technology. Through our recommendations, you can identify risks, close gaps and find opportunities for improvement. 
  • Feasibility study- We assist you to determine the best investment path by analyzing the financial, operational and technical feasibility of the solutions and their alignment to your business objectives. 
  • Project scope- We can help you to define the scope and strategy of an ICT deployment – including requirements definition, detailed solution design, resource allotment and other specifics required for your business case.
  • Business case studies- We provide a complete structured and realistic assessment of project costs for solution deployment, operation and maintenance. This is weighed against expected benefits, both financial and non-financial, to determine net present value, ROI, and break-even point.
  • Risk assessment- We prepare a readiness assessment for your whole organization to determine potential impacts. We then help you take measures with mitigation, response and contingency plans, along with a change management strategy.
  • Business and users requirements analysis- We collect business, technical, functional and non-functional requirements from your stakeholders and end users. This exercise ensures that new solutions will meet your organization’s needs and help you avoid costly changes due to incorrect assumptions.

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